TriRock San Diego - The Bike

A continuation from TriRock San Diego - The Swim

I got out of the water ahead of Marci and started to head over to the transition area. I was so happy that our spot was right by the restrooms! After a quick natural break I threw on my socks and shoes, grabbed my Clif Bar and Shot Blocks, sunglasses, and helmet and took one more look for Marci before taking off on the bike. We really wanted to do as much of the race together, but knew we'd probably get separated, and that Marci would take off on the run because she's ten times faster than me.

The course was through the Navy Base which was exciting for me because I've never actually been on a base. I set off, feeling good, and a little cautious about the course and my body, making sure I'd save enough energy for the run - the weakest part of the race for me.


It didn't take long before I was constantly being passed by people on the bike. I decided I could either get upset that I was being passed, or just ENJOY the experience. And that's what I did. I marveled at some of the amazing bikes that rode by, I chuckled at some of the outfits, and then spent a lot of my time gawking at the massive ships. The course was two laps so I tried to take in as much as possible on the first lap so I would know my landmarks for the second lap if I started to feel bad and could motivate myself to get to the next point.

I drank a ton of water on the bike - I don't think I properly hydrated before the race and I managed to swallow a lot of salt water on the swim making me super thirsty. I'm glad I had my bottles with me and I managed to drink all of my liquids.

Marci flew through her transition and by time I had made my first turnaround on the first loop of the bike, I saw her and screamed, "Go Betti Go!" (A side note - a few years ago Marci and I read an article about two elderly women named Betti and Betty who have been running partners for over 30 years. At that moment we decided we wanted to be those elderly women and have nicknamed ourselves Betti / Marci and Betty / Amy.) Marci gave me a look of death and shouted, "UUUUUGH!!!!" and at that point I knew she was not having a good ride.

The bike was Marci's least favorite part of the race. She had an upset stomach from swallowing a lot of salt water right at the end of the swim. She was feeling nauseous and sluggish and attempted to eat a Clif Bar and swallow some water, but it only made it worse. Then the left side of her glute / leg started to feel numb, making the ride even more uncomfortable. She tried stretching and standing up, but nothing was really helping. But she put her head down and pedaled through, knowing pain is temporary and her moment on the run would come soon after.

The ride, overall, was good for me. I didn't push too hard, but I tried to keep up the pace. I've been having a nagging hamstring pain that started to get worse towards the end of the bike, but I managed to stand on my pedals and stretch a couple of times, which seemed to help. Lap two went much faster than lap one and I was surprised when I got to the last turnaround point on the bike. I saw Marci one more time and yelled, "You got this, Betti!" hoping it would help her finish strong.

As I made my last lap around the transition area I saw Tom and Bailey and yelled and waved to them - he saw me and gave me a huge grin and wave, and as I did that all the people around him started cheering! So if you're feeling like you need some support from the crowd, just start waving and they'll start cheering you on! Seeing him at the end on the bike (his favorite thing to do) really gave me a boost to finish strong and get ready for the run.

Marci also ended the bike strong. By time she rode around the outside of the transition area she suddenly started to feel a lot better. Probably because the bike was finally over and she knew she was almost done. Her stomach pain went away and she got a jolt of energy. This was her time - the run - to finish the triathlon strong!

The only picture we got on our bikes! After the race! And the signs we made to motivate us at our transition points.

The only picture we got on our bikes! After the race! And the signs we made to motivate us at our transition points.