The Importance Of Breakfast

I can't tell you how long I've gone in life without eating breakfast. It stems from never really liking breakfast food to begin with (I know!  Its horrific!). I wasn't a big egg person, I've never been a big sweet person, I've never liked cereal (I know, some of you will stop reading this right now). My mom got me to eat breakfast in high school by giving me Carnation Instant Breakfast powder that you add to milk. She tried and at least it was something. I finally started eating breakfast regularly in 2014 and I have noticed a huge change in my day from one little morning meal.

I know it has been repeated over and over again that breakfast is the most important part of the day. But why? If you skip breakfast, think about when you ate last. Over 12 hours ago, at least. Some of that was sleeping, yes, but some of that was also while you were awake and active. Skipping breakfast means skipping out on those morning vitamins and minerals that you probably won't make up during the rest of the day.

My excuse for not eating breakfast was that I was never hungry right after I woke up. The hunger pains would kick in around 11am and I would either snack and then not be hungry around the lunch hour, or I would skip the snack and devour a lunch with too many calories. Shortly after that large intake I would get sleepy while my body pulled all the energy I had to digest.

So I began to eat breakfast, but I began to eat too much breakfast. Eggs, toast, breakfast casseroles. I would feel incredibly full, sleepy, and lethargic as once again my body would have to pull all the energy I had to digest. Going plant based changed a lot of things. I wasn't going to eat the traditional breakfast anymore, so what was left? So many things! Quinoa, oatmeal, fruit, vegan toast, smoothies, sandwiches (yes, sandwiches!).

The great thing about these breakfasts is that they don't fill you up and weigh you down all morning long. A few hours later I eat a piece of fruit to hold me over before lunchtime arrives. These breakfasts are filling, but not heavy, and super delicious. So try eating breakfast every day - even if its just a smoothie. I promise you'll start to feel its wonderful effects.