Bell Peppers

Sometimes the nutritional value of a bell pepper can get overshadowed by that of the tomato. But bell peppers are just as nutritious as the tomato - they are high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, rich in Vitamin C containing more than twice the amount found in the typical orange, and Vitamin E.

Bell peppers are super high in Vitamin C - one medium pepper gives you 159% of your daily requirement. They're low in calories - 24 per pepper, fat - 0.2 grams per pepper, and have no cholesterol. They do have potassium, fiber, and protein in small amounts, but combined with a variety of other vegetables they can all add up to a highly nutritional dish. Bell peppers also have a good amount of Vitamin A - promotes strong eyes, vision, helps heart, lungs, and kidney function, Vitamin B6 - helps reduce heart disease by lowering levels of homocystein, an amino acid in the blood, Folate - supports nervous system health, and Vitamin E - helps stop the development of plaques in your arteries.

So make sure to include bell peppers in your daily diet to reap all their delicious benefits!