Eat Your Greens & Live Longer!


Ever notice no one ever says, 'Eat Your Pizza!' or 'Eat Your Meat!' But we all grew up being told to eat our greens. It turns out those people were right to tell us to eat more greens (and fruits). Dr. Michael Greger from has posted a new video that discusses how many years we can extend our lives by eating more fruits and vegetables. From three months to three years we can either lose a lot of our life or none at all by eating more fruits and vegetables.  

One of the most fascinating takeaways from this study was that just by eating one additional serving of fruit per day can give you an additional 19 months of life, or decrease it by not having that serving.

A study done in Taiwan showed that spending only $0.50 per day on fruits and vegetables gives us a 10% drop in mortality. And as Dr. Greger points out,

Imagine if there was a drug that—without side-effects—could lower our risk of death 10%. How much do you think drug companies would charge? Probably more than 50 cents.