I've named this blog 'The Aloha Files' because I have found a deep connection with the Hawaiian people and living Aloha. Anyone who has been to Hawaii knows exactly what I mean.

Living with Aloha means living with love towards one another, respect towards our lands and seas, and giving back for what was given to us. It is the connection with our minds and our hearts. I believe it is easier to live with Aloha on a Hawaiian island because everyone there lives with Aloha. Living with Aloha on the Mainland is a little more difficult. We have more aggressive drivers, more pushing and shoving, more cutting in lines, and more of a 'me' mentality; BUT I do believe that many of us do live with Aloha. I think there are more of us living with Aloha than not, but so many times our society focuses on those living without it. How many times has someone kindly let us merge in bumper to bumper traffic, let us jump in front of them in the grocery store line as we juggle our merchandise because we were silly and didn't get a cart, or have seen someone help another person cross a busy street, or give up their seat up on the bus for someone else.  

I believe living with Aloha is an incredibly important aspect of my life. When I am stressed in morning traffic I think, "Drive with Aloha", when the line at the grocery store is 10 people deep and I am tired and hungry I think, "Wait with Aloha", when I am dealing with a difficult situation at work I think, "Practice Aloha."


Living with Aloha will feature stories about just that. How to live with Aloha, Aloha experiences I have encountered, and ways to pass on the Aloha spirit.