No Plans

I’ve started 2015 with one event on the horizon. I’ll be back to Lake Tahoe in August for the Big Blue Adventure Open Water swim, but otherwise, my race calendar is wide open. I’ve found a couple triathlons, half marathons, and even a marathon I’d like to attempt, but I haven’t signed up for anything yet. At the moment my training is light and stress free. And I’m kind of digging it.


After a good four weeks off after the half marathon in November, I planned to get back into the grove of training a few weeks before Christmas. Then I came down with a horrible 10 day cold that knocked me out and strained a rib from a fit of coughing leaving me unable to move much or breathe deeply. My four weeks of being off turned into seven. I’m now just getting back into it and I can already feel it. A three mile run is hard, but doable. A ride on the bike leaves my sit bones sore and knees a little tight. The swim feels good, but it doesn’t take long before I tire out. But that’s ok. Right now my focus is shifting from accomplishing a speed or mileage to building my endurance back up and just enjoying it. What’s the point of doing all this if I don’t enjoy it? I am enjoying it more now because I don’t have to finish something by a certain date, or push myself to meet a goal - I’m just swimming for the sheer joy of swimming, running to feel the sweat and fresh air in my face, and getting out on the bike to feel the wind on my skin. And did I mention yoga? Oh, yoga, its been way too long. I've started up my yoga routine this week and I can't believe how amazing it feels. 

There’s no stress right now. No stress when a run goes bad, no stress when I’m too tired to get out of bed in the morning to workout, I’m able to just adapt to my day and walk when I need to on a run without feeling guilty, or change my workout time when an AM workout isn't happening.

There’s something about just being physically able to go out for a full day hike, or cross country ski, or backpack the Pacific Coast Trail, or kayak across Lake Tahoe. Tom and I have been talking about a four day backpacking trip through part of the John Muir Wilderness this summer. I’m more excited to start training for hikes with a backpack full of gear than I am for another 13.1 miles on the road. 2015 might just be about the random adventures rather than signing up for another race, getting another t-shirt I’ll never wear, and training on the same roads for months on end. I’m excited for something new. Something without fees and registration deadlines. That being said, I’m sure Marci and I will hit up another half marathon or triathlon this year, but I’m more excited about going nordic skiing in Mammoth Lakes this winter or kayaking through Lake Tahoe this summer or stand up paddling across Hanalei Bay and hiking the Na Pali Coast this fall. I’m more excited to be out in nature and enjoy it with Tom and Bailey than I am plugging in my headphones for hours at time on the road.


I’ve been using fitness and working out this week as a stress reliever - call it therapy even. I’ve done the races and events, now I’m going to focus on putting my fitness into clearing my mind and opening my senses. And so far, its been amazing.