Run On


Today is the anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing. Every runner is thinking about the attacks today. Of course we ask why did it have to happen. And sometimes there is no reason for evil. However, there's always a reason for good. Its ironic how evil tries to scare, hurt, and overcome good, but I believe good always survives, and evil never comes from good. There are countless stories out there about people rushing in to help the runners. So many stories about the journeys of those injured runners and how they came back. I cannot even imagine what all of them have gone through. The only thing I, we, can do, is continue and run on.

When training gets hard I try to remember those who cannot train. When I find myself upset with little things, small annoyances that really don't matter, I try to remember those who have overcome so much more. When I start to feel like I victim, I try to remember I am not a victim, I am a fighter. 


I don't have a lot to say about this anniversary. I've spent much of the day reading stories of those who overcame, those who rescued, those who are returning to the race. Its a day of remembrance for runners, and a day of moving forward. I ran today for Boston, and I'll continue to run on.