The Rich Roll Podcast

Rich Roll has been an inspiration to me in creating this website and spreading the word about plant based diets. He has an everyman story of finding himself overweight, unhealthy, and deciding to change his life by going plant based. Since then he's become a two-time top placing Ultraman (6.2 mile swim, 261.4 mile bike, 52.4 mile run), best selling author of Finding Ultra, plant based nutrition advocate, and host of The Rich Roll Podcast. Although I don't know Rich personally, I feel that he has been my guiding force in my journey of going plant based.

I came across Rich via my Vitamix machine. My husband gave me a Vitamix for my birthday in December knowing I was about to embark on a new wellness journey and thought it would be a useful tool. (Best gift ever!) While looking up new recipes to make in my Vitamix, a friend passed along Rich's post-run smoothie YouTube video. I first thought, how could you possibly cram all those ingredients into a blending machine and get a smoothie out of it? Completely inspired at what I thought was a crazy blend, I quickly went to my fridge and jammed as many fruits and vegetables into my Vitamix and made my first green smoothie. This was great! Rich demonstrated a great post-run drink, so what else did he know about? After a few hours of looking this guy up I felt completely encouraged to change my life and go plant based and a lot of that continued inspiration has come from his podcast.

Every week (yes, EVERY week) Rich posts a new podcast interview with doctors, athletes, wellness advocates, and the 'everyman' and 'everywoman' who have drastically changed their lives by going plant based. Every episode is positive (though many serious topics are discussed), every episode I learn something new, and every episode takes me on a journey. For anyone who wants to change their lifestyle I can't recommend listening to Rich's podcast enough. The episodes are long, sometimes over two hours, but they never seem that way. I've listened to them on long commutes, road trips, long rides on the bike, and during runs. Each episode is unique and each episode inspires me to bring out my best, most authentic self.

Rich interviews non-vegans, non-athletes, and people who disagree with him about training and nutrition, but the best thing is - even when they disagree, they have a great, positive conversation. He's proof that people on opposite ends of the spectrum can come together for a common purpose and common good and have a dynamic conversation.

If you are interested in subscribing to Rich's podcast I recommend Episode 64: The Best of 2013 Anthology (I'm including it below). This is a wrap up of 10 different interviews he did during the first year of this podcast. Guests include: Founder Dr. Michael Greger, Julie Piatt on New Year's Resolutions, Ironman World Champion Chris "Macca" McCormack, Fruitarian Ultra-Runner Michael Arnstein, Writer & Ultra-Runner Mishka Shubaly, Australian TV, Radio & Podcast Host Osher Gunsberg, Plant Powered Ironman, Author and Cro-Mags' Frontman John Joseph, Plant Powered Ironman & Weight Loss Surgeon Dr. Garth Davis, Olympic Cyclist & Motivational Life Coach Dr. Jeff Spencer, and SunLife Organics Founder Khalil Rafati. 

Rich encompasses all that is the Aloha Spirit with his message and his life. Please listen and subscribe! 

Favorite Rich Roll Podcast Episodes: