Top 10 Cheesy Vegan Recipes

Who says you can't have cheese on a vegan diet? You can make your own plant based cashew cheese and sauce, or you can find pre-made soy and nut cheeses at your local grocery store. So stop feeling like you had to give something up and check out all these amazing ways to have cheese in a vegan diet!

Its hard to find something better than a Breakfast Burrito, but these Breakfast Tacos give them a run for their deliciousness! Save some time and purchase pre-made pico de gallo and salsa verde and you’ll have these ready in no time! 

Ready for some roasted potato goodness? These Irish Nachos are a great take on traditional nachos using potatoes, lentils, quinoa, onions, salsa, cilantro, and a homemade cashew cheese! Don't fear the cashew cheese - its super easy and super delicious!

This lasagne uses both pesto sauce and marinara and is full of mushrooms, spinach, and shredded zucchini. A delicious twist on classic lasagne and super easy to make!

One of the things I’ve really missed since going vegan is a good reuben sandwich. Well, those days are over! The combination of beets, sauerkraut, homemade vegan thousand island dressing, vegan cheese, pickles, and rye bread makes this sandwich everything I’ve missed! 

Mmmm, comfort food. Craving some cheese pasta dish, but want it vegan? Look no further! Shells, cashew cheese, broccoli and mmmm, so good! You'll be glad you passed on the boxed powered package for this fresh, whole food recipe! 

Want the delicious crunch of a chimichanga without deep frying a burrito? Give these a go! I have red and green sauce recipes below as well - they're SUPER delicious and much healthier! 

Hold on to your hats, these tacos are going to blow your MIND! They are SO easy and quick to make. Roast some sweet potatoes, heat up some black beans and onions, make the cashew cheese, and top with more deliciousness!

I actually think this is easier to make than lasagne. Its easy to figure out how much to make, and you have tons of options as to how to fill the rolls. I chose green chard, eggplant, mushrooms, and cashew cheese for this filling.

Don't fear the cashew cream. It is AWESOME. The flavor is like a cheese sauce, but a little nutty, a little garlicky, and super delicious. My goal with this recipe was to make enchiladas, but I tend to go overboard with the filling and topping so it ends up more like a casserole. I almost like it better as a casserole because its easier to serve up. AND it makes great leftovers.