The Healing Power of a Good Run

Life's been a little hectic lately. The stresses of the world sometimes get me a little down. Work stress, commuting stressing, world stresses - sometimes it can get a little heavy, but I'm always amazed at the healing powers of going for a run.

Today, for example. Earlier this week I attempted to go for a run and it was awful. One mile in and my side was stitching, my feet felt heavy, my breath was short, nothing seemed to be clicking. It was just one of those bad runs. I had been steadily running four milers so only to get through one seemed insane. I quickly swapped to the stationary bike from the treadmill for 10 minutes to try and stop the stitch without lowering my heart rate. I felt a little better, hopped back on the treadmill and then had to deal with it having a faulty heart rate monitor continuously  beeping at me and scrolling, "Heart Rate Monitor Not Recommended At Speeds Over 4ph" over and over and over again. 30 seconds of non-stop beeping and I had to jump off, but determined to keep running I headed outside. I think I only made it 2.5 miles. 


Today, was a different day. I knew Tuesday's run was bad so I came into it knowing that today was going to be a good run. I was going to go outside, get some sunshine, slow down and just run. And I did. Almost 4.5 miles and it felt great. After I some nourishment of an apple and a wrap made with homemade green hummus, sprouted wheat tortillas and lettuce, tomatoes, shredded carrots and green onions I let the endorphins flow through me and you know what? Everything didn't seem so awful anymore. I thought, I can do this.

All from the power of a good run.