Big Things for 2014

The First Half Marathon

I ran my first half marathon in 2012.  I was shocked and amazed that I did it. Following a training program I was able to go from running three miles in November of 2011 to running 13.1 (with some walk breaks) in three months. It was amazing, painful, exhausting, and like nothing I've ever done before. The sense of accomplishment was overwhelming.

I look way happier in this picture than I was feeling.

The Second (Horrific) Half Marathon

My running partner, Marci, and I decided to sign up for another one in early January of 2013. Little did we know that three months before the race (when our dedicated training began) I would change jobs and move from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Between the stress of moving, starting a new job, leaving my training partner, and finding my new running neighborhood FULL of San Francisco style hills, lets just say I did the best I could following the plan. This race was also a night race - for some reason, I thought a 9pm start was waaaaaay better than a 6am start. I'm not a morning person, never have been, but after that race I will always be a morning race person. My training was off, my nutrition was off, my sleep patterns were off, and the combination of everything made for a very painful race. I swore off running after that night. Well, I didn't swear it off, I just swore off long races.  

Other Sports

In response to laying off all the running I got back into my long time love of swimming. I've always been a swimmer. I might have run more in my adult life than swam, but I can easily call myself a swimmer over a runner. I grew up swimming and participated all throughout school and after. My mom likes to tell the story that when she took me to my first 'Mommy and Me Swim Class' at two years old that I stood on the side of the pool happily jumping into her arms in the water while the other kids cried. I've always been a fish.

In addition to running over the past few years I've also recently gotten into biking. (Cycling? See, I'm still so new at it I'm not sure what to call it.) My husband has always loved riding and has done a few long haul rides across the MidWest including an epic 1000 mile ride from Minnesota to Missouri. Upon his encouragement I got a bike and started riding to work occasionally when I lived in Los Angeles. It was fantastic and I found my love for the bike.

What's Next?

So the itch to do another race was suddenly upon Marci and myself (we've remained long-distance training partners). I didn't necessarily want to do another long run event, but the idea of a triathlon kept popping into mind. Marci had done the Malibu Triathlon in September 2012 and had a great experience so I knew I could talk her into one. After some research we've decided to do the TriRock San Diego this September and I am so excited. I'm excited to train for something other than just running AND I'm excited to combine my love for swimming and biking in with my somewhat disgust for running. (I kid, I kid - running has just been hard for me so its not my favorite event although I continue to do it.  I think I do love it, I'm just afraid to admit it.)  

And of course, one event wasn't enough, so six weeks after the triathlon we've signed up for a half marathon in San Francisco. I guess I am a runner, as much as I try not to be.