Getting Inside My Own Head

Marci and I are three days out from our last half marathon of the year. Our last official event of the year - we're swearing to each other we're going to take a break for the rest of 2014 (right, Marci?!). As we all know, running is not my forte, but I do it. So the closer I get to running 13.1 miles, the more I start to freak out. And yesterday was the tipping point of my self-induced stress. 

I got in my own head and I wouldn't get out. A rush of panicked thoughts starting running through my mind:

You haven't trained enough.

You didn't make your last long run.

You've been having a lot of bad runs lately.

You're too tired, you can't do this.

Its going to be way too hilly, you're going to fail.


Needless to say, yesterday was a rough day. I worked myself up into a mental and physical frenzy and I started to believe I wasn't going to be able to complete this half marathon. Now, let's look at why this rush of thoughts was absolutely ridiculous:

I HAVE trained enough. I've been training ALL YEAR.

So I didn't make my last long run. My longest run was 10 miles and I felt magnificent that day.

Yes, my last few long runs have been rough, but it happens. Just because I've had a few bad training runs doesn't mean I'm going to have a bad half marathon. When my long runs were rough I started breaking down around mile 4, but when I only run 5 to 6 miles I've been feeling great. So I'm going to channel those runs instead.

Yes, I'm tired. I'm tired from training ALL YEAR. But only three more days to go, one more epic race, and I can take a well deserved break (that involves sitting on a beach in Hawaii in November - so I'll definitely channel THAT!)

It will be hilly. The course shows that there will be a little over 1000 feet of elevation gain. But guess what? My 10 mile run was a little over 900 feet of elevation gain - and I felt great!

I will succeed, Succeed, SUCCEED!

This isn't my first rodeo - this will be my third half. I know what to do. i know that in the past I've over prepped, eaten poorly the week before, and gone into races with injuries. This time around I'm not over training, I'm eating cleanly like I have all year, and I'm completely injury free (including NO BLISTERS!) What's to worry about? The weather on Sunday looks gorgeous - low 60s and sunny. I'm hopping for a clear morning so running across the Golden Gate Bridge will offer some of the amazing views San Francisco has when the fog clears.

Runner's World has a great article about beating metal roadblocks while on a run. I'm reading the article over and over again, engraining its wisdom in my head so I can use it on Sunday if a negative thought pops in my mind.

So three days to go, and its time to focus on enjoying the run, enjoying my surroundings, and having a great time!