Getting Up

I got up early this morning to go for a run - something I haven't done in almost a year. I've been opting out of the 6:30am runs for 12:00pm runs instead, but I've been feeling the need to get back into the morning routine for a few reasons. Less traffic, calmer roads, quieter surroundings. But most importantly, for my always faithful running partner, Bailey, who has been full of extra energy lately.


We ran together the first two years I started running, but since the move to San Francisco I've been running alone (in the flats near work instead of the hills by our house).  

Let me gush for a minute and tell you how awesome my dog is. He's the best. He started running with me and has kept me going when I wanted to quit. We'll run 10 miles, he'll take an hour nap, and then be ready to play ball for another hour. He's a beast and I love him to bits.

So we went out this morning. The sun wasn't up yet, the moon was still bright. I had my head lamp wrapped around my wrist with the LEDs set to strobe. I was wearing my day glow long sleeve yellow running shirt and reflective shoes. Bailey was awake and jazzed to (finally) be going for a run with me. This was going to be good.  

Then, 0.15 miles from home, I tripped on a dip from the sidewalk to a drive way and skidded across the pavement. My right knee was stinging and my right elbow was burning and dripping blood. Bailey looked at me waiting for what I was going to do next.

Last November, after our move, I went out for what I thought was going to be an eight miler. Bailey and I started down this same street and I tripped and went sliding down the concrete. The stress from moving and starting a new job got to me and I got up and walked home. I couldn't do it. 

So this morning, I thought about that fall. I thought how I gave up. I considered it. I considered turning around and walking home, or at least finishing the loop with a walk and then heading home. But I thought, "why quit now?  just GET UP." And I did. I got up and I ran.


It definitely wasn't the best run or the longest. My elbow is still stinging ten hours later and I've gone through a couple of band-aids, but its ok, because I got up. If I quit when something gets hard I'll never do anything. A lot of things in life are hard. A lot of things in life are harder than getting up off the ground. Its ok that I fell down. Its ok when I fail. All I have to do is get up.

And I'm looking forward to our next morning run.