Marathon Training: Week 1B

Yep, you read that right - this past week was 1B for Marathon Training. What's 1B you ask? Well, I started my first week of marathon training on July 13th. I'm doing a 24 week plan from Nike and started a week early due to a vacation planned at the beginning of September. Week 1A stunk. I felt awful, tired, and totally unmotivated. I also pulled a muscle in my left hip on day one and instead of taking a day or two to rest and recover, I plowed through and kept running and swimming just worsening the pull. And, of course, I can't train for just one event at a time. My 1.2 Lake Tahoe Swim is just around the corner on August 22nd so I've also amped up my time in the pool. And nothing went according to plan on my first week. Here was my schedule for week one:

Marathon Training - Week 1

Monday I felt pretty good. A little tired by the swim, but ok. That evening when I was getting ready for bed I was noticing how tight my left hip was feeling. I tried stretching and just figured it was initial soreness getting back into consistent training.

Tuesday it was wicked painful, but felt better once I started moving around. Thinking yoga in the morning was good enough to stretch it out, I went for a painful four mile run at lunch. Everything felt wrong. My hip was screaming at me, it was hot, I went out too fast, and had trouble keeping up my pace. Now I haven't just started running. I've been logging about 10-15 miles a week and doing our epic backpacking trips to Granite Chief and Mammoth Lakes, so its not like I haven't been running. I was totally confused by why suddenly I was in pain.

Wednesday came around and I went for another run. Desperately trying to just push through and think I could "run it out". I was resorting to lots of ibuprofen and a heating pad at night to try and loosen up my hip muscle. It was starting to feel better, but I then began to worry that I was creating a chronic injury that was going to nag at me over the next six months of training. Super.

I went for a swim on Thursday and while swimming felt better, it still hurt to get up from sitting and walking up stairs.

Friday Tom and I planned to head out of town for another weekend backpacking up to Five Lakes in the Granite Chief Wilderness, and as I got up early to walk Bailey and then head out on my run I decided not to. I was feeling tired and still a little in pain and frustrated about how week one, week ONE, of marathon training was going. Its incredibly frustrating to be excited about a new training plan and have it immediately falter and be unable to accomplish. On week ONE! So at that moment I decided to give myself a break, not run Friday or Saturday, and reboot the training plan the next week. As soon as I gave myself a break I stopped stressing out, I stopped being mad at myself, and I just let it go.

Runner Injury

This week, 1B, was GREAT. I felt fresh, my hip felt 90% better (still nagging a bit, but so much better), and I had more energy and enthusiasm to get this training going. 1B has been a success!

I'm glad I learned early on to take a break when I have to, to give myself a mental break, and to know myself and my body well enough to stop and rest when I need to (even when its only three days in to training!). I have PLENTY of time still to get this plan going. I opted to do a six month program instead of a four month program to really build my base and foundation and get back into a routine. I need the routine to stay focused. And so far, so good!

Only 23 more weeks to go!

On a funnier note, enjoy this awesome video by College Humor called, "If People Talked About Other Hobbies Like They Talk About Running".