Marci Files: Running In Another Country (ok, Canada)


Over Memorial Day weekend I went up to the Pacific Northwest Coast to visit one of my best friends in Vancouver, Canada. I have only been to visit Vancouver in the winter months and was extremely happy when the weather was sunny and 60 degrees! Whenever I visit Vancouver I plan a run along The Seawall - its a beautiful 22km (13.7) green pathway along the water front. The run isn't entirely flat, but its not very hilly, ebbing and flowing, making it a nice run with a little variety. No matter what time of year or what the weather is like I always see other runners, bikers, skaters, and dog walkers. I love how outdoorsy everyone seems to be in Vancouver!

I use my iPhone and the Nike+ app when I run, so I have to be careful when I go to Canada so I don't get charged crazy roaming fees. There's only a little set up involved and you can easily use your iPhone while you run and not rack up any additional international charges. All you have to do is set your phone to Airplane Mode (Settings > Airplane Mode > Turn On). 


If your app runs off GPS like the Nike+ app does, it will still track your distance, time, and pace. Once you get back onto Wifi you can turn Airplane Mode off, sync your run, and the data will be free of charge!




Marci is a contributor to The Aloha Files. She is Amy's long-distance training partner and motivator (aka - the one girl who doesn't take any excuse from Amy to NOT run).