Marci Files: The Hydration Vest

I have never been a fan of holding things in my hand when I run, an iPod or even a water bottle. I don't like unnecessary movement like the shaking of water in my hand. I don't even like wearing a watch when I run because I don't want it to get loose and slip up and down. I was also hesitant to start wearing an arm band or run belt, but luckily, those haven't bothered me. When I started training for the LA Marathon I knew I would need to bring water with me to get through those long runs, so how to do it without having to carry something in my hand?

After much research I decided I would try out a hydration vest. I had never owned one before, but I had once looked into them for hiking yet couldn't really justify getting one since I really didn't hike that much. I ended up purchasing a Nathan Pack from Amazon and I love it! I was nervous at first to run with it because I didn't want it bouncing up and down on my back or rubbing against my skin, but it ended up working great!


I fill the bladder up all the way to the top and it doesn't feel heavy on my shoulders. As the water depletes the bag doesn't get bouncy from being loose. I buckle the bag across my ribcage and make sure it fits snuggly, but not constricting. There is a small pocket in the back which is perfect for holding keys or IDs or energy snacks. The bag has a reflective patch sewn into it helping you stay visible during those early morning or late night runs. The only downside is that its a little annoying to clean.

All in all using a hydration vest is a great way to run with water and not have to hold anything or use a water belt which can weigh down on your hips. You can read more about this vest from Nathan Sports as well as others by clicking here.




Marci is a contributor to The Aloha Files. She is Amy's long-distance training partner and motivator (aka - the one girl who doesn't take any excuse from Amy to NOT run).