MARCI FILES: Wireless Earbuds

For years I had been looking for a decent pair of wireless ear buds to wear for running. I hate cords and I hate how they get in the way and bounce around. A couple years ago my husband bought me a wireless pair for my birthday and I was so excited, but in the end had to return them. I went on one run and the ear piece kept popping out of my ear. They were also very uncomfortable. I gave up the search and just used my Apple headphones finding new ways to tuck them and get them out of the way.

Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones

Recently a co-worker came over to my desk to tell me about her new Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones she had bought for herself over Christmas and how great they worked! I was excited for her, but not sure for me as I thought they would just pop out of my ears like the other ones did when I went for a run. She was telling me how no wireless headphones ever worked for her either for the same reason. I did some research and all their reviews seemed pretty great. She brought the buds in and let me try them on (I know some people might find that gross, sorry guys!). I put them on, turned up the music, and ran up and down the hallway and they didn’t move! I was shocked! I even jumped around for a bit and did all these crazy moves when people started to laugh at me and asked me if that’s how I run! But I didn't care how silly I looked, these headphones are the real deal!

The headphones also allow you to make phone calls with them, are waterproof (good for rainy day runs), and come in two colors, blue and yellow-green. They take a little bit of time to get used to, but they work great! The right side powers it on, lets you hear how much battery you have left, and is the phone. The left side is for the volume and music. If you want to skip to the next song you hit the left side button twice, and you can replay a song by holding down the play button for a second. Maneuvering around with these buttons takes a little bit of getting used to, but once you do it’s super easy! They don’t take a long time to charge and the battery life is pretty great. I ran 58.57 miles in them before my battery level was low (a little voice will pop on telling you when your battery is at medium and low and then dying) and needing to be charged.

They run around $110, and I highly recommend buying a pair of these if you are sick of headphones with wires.

Wireless Earbuds