No Meat Athlete - Running, Eating, Thinking: A Vegan Anthology

Matt Frazier's blog, No Meat Athlete, has been an inspiration of mine since I started running three years ago. I was dabbling in vegetarianism then and his blog showed me that it is possible to run only on plants. Matt has recently written an article for a new book called Running, Eating, Thinking: A Vegan Anthology. While the publishers did include his second article written for the book, they rejected his first article which he has now posted on his website. It is one of the most inspiring, honest, and authentic articles about being a vegan runner I have ever read and I've found that I relate a lot with what he says.

What Being a Vegan Runner Means to Me

It takes only one word, really: this lifestyle, to me, is a practice. 

He talks about how this lifestyle involves personal sacrifices, its not always fun, but in the end, its worth it.

With each meal and each day that passes — as any desire to eat animals ever again fades, and I begin to take a bizarre pleasure in the mild inconveniences that result from the choice to eat this way (having to prepare hummus wraps before a long car trip if we want to eat anything of substance, for example) — a feeling of completeness grows inside me. My values and behavior are aligned rather than at odds. And that, for me, far outweighs whatever momentary pleasure I give up when I choose to eat lentils and rice instead of rosemary-rubbed steak and mashed potatoes

He, and I, are not here to judge what you eat and why you eat it. We're here to support for those who want to change and try something new, even through it can be scary, hard, and sometimes it involves be labeled as a 'freak'. But if you're willing to give it a try, all I can say is that it is definitely worth it.

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