The Malibu Half Marathon - 2015

Success! We did it! Marci and I finished our fourth half marathon together this past weekend. We both felt completely different about running this half than any of our other half marathons. We weren't nervous, we didn't feel that it was going to be a huge feat (it was), and we didn't obsess about the run the day before. Maybe its because we're in the thick of marathon training, but this run felt much more like a training day than an actual timed event. That being said, it kicked our butts in the best possible way, and was an awesome race!

Malibu Half Marathon 2015

Halfway to the Marathon

The goal of running this half marathon was to tune up for the big event, the WDW Marathon in January. When we initially signed up for the marathon I wasn't sure if I wanted to run a half marathon halfway through training. Marci has run the LA Marathon before and we ran the New Year's Eve Half Marathon in 2013 as her halfway point / tune up race. I didn't think I'd need to run a race in the middle of training and why pay for another race? Well, I'm SO GLAD I did. Running an event is different than just training on your local streets. There's the added stress level, running with other people, and knowing you HAVE to finish. It was a good time to check how we were feeling and to know what we should and shouldn't do before the marathon. I had been running with my Nathan hydration vest for all of my long runs, but decided not to for the half because I knew there would be water stations. I'm pretty sure I'm now going to be wearing my vest at the marathon because I was so incredibly thirsty throughout the run. I had hydrated plenty the day before, and maybe it was just a mental thing of knowing I didn't have water with me, but it definitely made it hard to get through the last few miles.

The Race

The Malibu Half was an AWESOME race. We ran on PCH, Hwy 1 along the ocean with the waves crashing up on the shore next to us.

The Hwy Patrol closed down some of the lanes so we had a wide berth to run in, and there were motorcycle police escorts when the road got narrow to guide traffic by in a safe way. Because the course was on the highway and some of the roads were closed off, there really wasn't much room for spectators, so the course was mainly empty other than the runners and the volunteers. The race sponsored the Boys and Girls Club of Malibu so lots of their members came out as volunteers in the water stations and to cheer us on. They were AMAZING and definitely helped us get through some of those hard miles.

The course was a lot of long rolling hills which made the downhills so sweet and the uphills an ego booster. The course was also an out and back run, which made it almost easier than having to do several loops around neighborhoods to try and make up mileage. Overall, it was an absolutely beautiful sunny day and I think a success in our halfway milestone to the marathon.

Malibu Half Marathon 2015

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