Dry Land Exercises For Swimmers

I'm not going to be able to make it to the pool for the next two weeks due to some scheduling conflicts. I'm bummed that I can't get in the water, but I'm looking into dry land exercises I can do so I won't lose any of my training during those two weeks. I'm basically missing four swim practices, but I'm coming up with a game plan to not lose any of my training during that time. When I swam competitively we always started each practice with about 20-30 minutes of dry land core exercises. Swimmers have super strong cores, so I'm going to use these next two weeks to really get my core working and continue to strengthen and stretch my upper body.


Instead of hitting the pool on Mondays and Wednesdays I'm going to do a 60 minute yoga / circuit training session. Thanks to the combination of The Ultimate Yogi and a new video posted from Triathlete magazine, I'm ready to hit the land. 

Swimmers are both strong in their core and flexible in the rest of their body - the combination of strength and flexibility is what helps propel you fluidly and quickly in the water.

My favorite practice from The Ultimate Yogi is Yoga Cross Training, which combines balance, strength, flexibility, stamina, and cardio. I plan to do this practice during my dry land days. Here's a preview:

My other favorite, yet incredibly challenging, practice is the Strength Power Yoga class. It is intense, but amazing. I feel like jello afterward, but its totally worth it.

Here's a preview:

Lastly, Craig Alexander has a great new video from Triathlete magazine which shows the core exercises he does while training. A combination of these three videos and I'm sure I'll be ready to jump back in the water in a few weeks.