Marci Files: Lubricant For Wetsuits

Here's something I bet you never thought of - making sure you have anti-chafing lubricants when you wear your wetsuit! What? I thought I wouldn't chafe during a swim like I could during a run or bike? Ha! I wish. Wearing a wetsuit means wearing something that will rub against your body, even while in water. So, how do I get around any painful moments during or after a swim in my wetsuit? Luckily - there are a couple products you can use like you'd use vaseline on your toes during a run.

TriSlide Anti-Chafe Continuous Spray Skin Lubricant is a great product you should try. Spray it on your wrists (if you have a full sleeve wetsuit), ankles (if you have a full length wetsuit) and neck area (front and back). If you have a sleeveless wetsuit I would spray it around your armpit area and if you have a calf length wetsuit, spray it where the legs end on your calves. This will help any chaffing that could occur during your swim. It will also help you get your wetsuit off easier and faster.

Body Glide also has a similar product - its used more for running than for wetsuits, but it'll work in a pinch if you have some. (I'd recommend using this if you're a runner and you don't like the feeling of Vaseline squishing between your toes - you can read more about using Vaseline in my post: Choosing The Right Shoe.)



Marci is a contributor to The Aloha Files. She is Amy's long-distance training partner and motivator (aka - the one girl who doesn't take any excuse from Amy to NOT run).